Nocino (nuts liqueur)

- 350 g of 95 alcohol.
- 300 g of water.
- 500 g of sugar.
- 19 green walnuts
- 4 chiodi di garofano(italian herbs)
- 2 g cinnamon skin.
- 3 lemon skins.

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The Nocino is a digestive of good quality. Cut the walnuts in four parts and place them in a container of glass with the alcool. After 24 hours add the chiodi of garofano, lemon skin and the cinnamon, leave to macerate for 15 days. Remember to shake the container 3 times a day. Filtered all, add the sugar that you will have melted in warm water, therefore leave to cool all. Bottled, you will be able to taste it after three months.